NEW!!! 1992 190 2.5 16 DTM VM.

Vuik Motorpsort is building 190 DTM replica’s for more then 10 years now and every car is more like the original as the one before. Last year we where able to buy a lot of original 1992 DTM parts. Wich we all are making new. We have the complete new 1992 suspenion and also the Body with rollcage we offer 100% like the originals where in 1992,

From this year we offer a complete 1992 DTM Vuik Motorsport car. Cars will be build on order and only in the original spec like we offer them,

For more info or +31 180 511000  Henk Vuik

EVO 1 bodykit.

we offer a very perfect Evolution 1 bodykit. we made the molds from a Original set so this is one of the best sets that you can find!! for more info. and on stock

Mercedes 190 DTM Racing Body


It is possible to order a complete build racing bodyshell for a Mercedes w201 190 DTM Replica,

-bare metal chassis, seam welded and fitted with a supreme weld in Rollcage.

-190 2.3 16v group A standard body type with Fia Annex K or Fia Annex J weld in rollcage,

-190 DTM Evolution 1 or 2 Replica Body Shell With Fia Annex J or Knaf certified multipoint rollcage, complete seam welded and with rear subframe mounts connected on the rollcage,

all body’s will be clear from all old paint and coating and deliverd in bare metal of in 1 layer op epoxy coating,

mounted with EVO 1 or 2 body kit is also posible,

For info: Henk Vuik +31 180 511000



New! Carbon cover for the firewall.

we have made a very nice looking carbon plate for the hole in the firewall, when you have a Mercedes Racing car like a Mercedes 190 DTM it must look perfect. that why we keep on developing things like this.

for more info Henk Vuik


all of our body kits and leight weight parts are made in house and of high quality.

New!! 190 Carbon Dashboard (w201)

we have made a new Carbon Dashboard for in a Mercedes 190, we have added a 10 cm sleeve so you can place the dash 190 more to the back in the car. Or you can cut the sleeve of and have the original size, very light weight and hich quality part.

for more info Henk Vuik


all of our body kits and leight weight parts are made in house and of high quality.



New!! 190 DTM KLasse 1 body kit. (Vuik Motorsport)

We have our own Klasse 1 Body developed. we have used a original DTM set to make the molds. We spend a lot of time

to make sure we have a very high quality. we have this set on stock and please e mail to fo more information. shipping world wide is no problem


these sets are made from GFK but Carbon and Kevlar is possible

all of our body kits and leight weight parts are made in house and of high quality.